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A Day Trip with a Difference!

30 Jul 2015 10:05 AM -
Up-to-Date Store
Ganmain Historical Society

During the winter months, we tend to hibernate inside and wait for the warmth that Spring brings. But in Coolamon Shire, winter is a wonderful opportunity to breathe in the crisp country air, soak up some Vitamin D and experience the hidden gems of this region.

Rug up and set off for a winter’s day in Coolamon Shire!

A short turn off the highway and you can be in one of the Shire’s villages enjoying lazy afternoon lunches and coffees, antique and gift stores, museums, craft outlets and boutique shopping.

Begin your day in Coolamon with a visit to the Up-to-Date Store where you will find exhibits and information about the life and history of small country towns such as Coolamon, Ganmain and Ardlethan. Make sure you stop for morning tea and a hot chocolate at Ajanta Cafe.

Take the 10-15 minute drive down the road to Ganmain. For lunch, enjoy a steaming hot Ganmain Pie from the bakery, and check out the Ganmain Historical Museum which houses a large collection of items from the region's past.

45 minutes away is the quaint town of Ardlethan. Soak up some afternoon sun whilst taking the self-guided Ardlethan Heritage Walk, which is your chance to discover the history of the town and its buildings, including its title as the 'home of the Kelpie'.

Beckom, Marrar and Matong are all rich in history and worth a stop. Warm your bones with a traditional pub meal for dinner at the local.

Why hide away for winter, when there is so much to explore in Coolamon Shire!

Check out the Appventure App which lists some fantastic attractions and events.

See you soon!

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