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Friends of the Up-to-Date Store

The Friends of the UTDS are a group of people with a particular interest in activities undertaken at the UTDS or a desire to organise specific events at the UTDS. They are the ‘keepers’ of local heritage and cultural history.

The Friends are focused on activities and events of the precinct, rather than the management of the facility.


Along with the ‘Friends’ the volunteers are the most valuable asset to the precinct. Volunteers are recruited for specific roles such as:

  • Guides
  • Collections maintenance (and operation)

All volunteers receive appropriate training, not only in relation to the Up-to-Date Stor and its collections, but also in subjects such as:

  • Customer service
  • Work Health & Safety
  • Fire & Emergency actions at the UTDS

Volunteers at the Up-to-Date Store are encouraged to develop their individual interests in local heritage and cultural activities.  

The value of our team

Volunteers are the most important asset to Coolamon Shire Council and as a volunteer at the UTDS, you will work closely with likeminded people who are dedicated to promoting their community and telling the stories of the Coolamon Shire’s development.   Each volunteer brings a specific set of skills to the team and you will be made most welcome.

Join us today!

Don’t sit at home thinking, “they won’t want me” because we do, all volunteers are welcome so please make contact today.

The Up-to-Date Store is currently recruiting for both ‘friends’ and volunteers. For further details or to express interest contact the coordinator today on or contact council on 6930 1800.


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